Thursday, August 29, 2013


Is it already week 4 of our Bible study? Where in the world did the time go?
I have done really well with keeping up with my reading, spending quiet time with Jesus, and even participating in my small group online. But this week happened.
B's birthday was yesterday so I have been preparing for that.
Things have been slow at work. I tend to be more productive and work better when I have piles of paperwork and kiddos to go and see. 

Throughout this study, God has been laying something huge on my heart. Every single day He is breaking my heart for the orphans around the world. He has been telling me to talk to someone about this but I was very nervous. 
Two days ago, I reached out and asked someone other than my husband to pray with me about it and to help me discern what God is calling me to do. He is working on something big and I can't wait to see the path He has prepared for me. 

But until then, I must #Stickwithit.

His love is relentless and He is constantly pursuing me. I must continue reading, spending time with Him, and chasing after His plans for me. 

I must continue to say #YestoGod every. single. morning.

If I don't continue with this, I am losing so much! God is working and preparing. There is no reason for me to miss this. 

God, I may not mentally be prepared to say yes to You every morning, but this morning I am choosing to say Yes to the assignments You have chosen for me. 
I will encounter someone or something for Your purpose today. Make my heart become aware and my soul be prepared to share the promises You have given me. Help me to share the Truth that is found in Your Word. 
Prepare my lips to sing of the Hope I have in me because of You.
Help me to live out what You have called me to.
Invade my natural flesh responses and and remind me to be obedient even when other paths seem more appealing. I say Yes to You, Lord. 
Jehova Shalom, my peace.
Jehova Jireh, my provider.
El Shaddai, The Lord God Almighty.


In Love,

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  1. Casey thank you for your encouragement. Light bulb moment when you said "God, I may not mentally be prepared to say yes to you every morning". There are those mornings, but like you I do choose to say Yes. He is there with his right hand held out for us. Bless you in your passion for adoption and reaching out.
    OBS Small Group Leader